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Greens call for IKEA free delivery to overcome air pollution problems

31st July, 2013

Sheffield Green Party have called for proper scrutiny of the air quality impacts of the proposed new IKEA store in … Full Story »

Sustainable transport not air pollution

18th June, 2013

Sheffield Green Party have submitted a formal objection to Sheffield University plans for a multi-storey car park on Glossop Road. … Full Story »

Ikea must go through the proper planning process

22nd April, 2013

Dear Editor Portland Works would now be an apartment block if the planning process did not exist. Like all developments, … Full Story »

Greens furious as Recycoal given go ahead.

10th January, 2013

Jenny Patient spoke at the recent Council meeting on behalf of Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change to object to the … Full Story »

Councillor’s comments on Incinerator planning application

30th November, 2012

Many helpful and sensible comments have been made in response to the planning application for permission to import 15,000 tonnes … Full Story »

Greens work with Residents to tackle litter

20th November, 2012

Local Green Party councillors Rob Murphy and Jillian Creasy, plus other Green activists, are working alongside local residents to tackle … Full Story »

Greens proved right as Veolia attempt to import waste from massive area.

13th November, 2012

Veolia have submitted a planning application to import waste from a very wide region around Sheffield. The areas concerned are … Full Story »

The future of the NHS Bristol Conference (part 2)

14th September, 2012


The future of the NHS Bristol Conference presentation. Part 1

14th September, 2012


Shame on Lord Coe

4th July, 2012

Dear Sir, Thank you  Colin Drury for highlighting that it’s the “Olympics sponsored by……” (Star 27 June) . It would … Full Story »

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